The Michaëlle Jean Foundation is a national charitable organization that works with community arts organizations, the private sector, local communities and government to enable underserved youth to use the arts to change their lives and their communities.

Through our programs, hundreds of young people are being empowered to use the arts to build new solutions to the pressing issues affecting them. Through their actions, these young leaers prove that the arts can change lives and give hope to communities hit by such problems as delinquency, crime, violence and suicide.

The Foundation can attest to the quality and sheer brilliance of the audacious initiatives led by youth, which are helping to change a society which is often indifferent, if not hostile. They are showing us that arts can change lives and sectors of society. They are also proving that underserved through their dynamism and enthusiasm, young people can become true changemakers

Because they are close to young people and meet and listen to them on a regular basis, our Co-Founders and Co-Chairs, the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean & Jean-Daniel Lafond are convinced and affirm, “Young people are one of Canada’s most precious resources. When given the opportunity, their ideas, their creativity and their capacity for innovation can have a transformative impact on our society.”

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