Michaëlle Jean Foundation Co-Hosts Forum on Inclusion & Muslim Youth

In the presence of Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Secretary General of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Institute for Research and Education on Race Relations, are co-hosting, on December 10, The Art of Inclusion: Muslim Youth Take the Lead Form, as part of their educational exhibition that carries the same name.

To mark global Human Rights Day, the Forum will convene youth, the artists featured in the exhibition, influential members of Muslim communities, elected officials, specialists, and institutional representatives to identify strategies to promote the full inclusion of Muslim youth into the social, economic, political and cultural fabric of Quebec and Canadian society. 

The presentation-exhibition seeks to make visible the rich diversity of Muslim youth in Quebec, by offering an unprecedented opportunity to discover, for the first time in a major Quebec museum, the world through their eyes. For The Art of Inclusion, ten jury-selected artists had a unique opportunity to express, through their artwork, their attachment to Quebec and Canada, and ideas on ways to ensure the full participation of Muslim youth in all spheres of society.

During the Forum, three workshops will be offered and will address the following themes:  

  1. Employment, Entrepreneurship and Training,which will seek to identify strategies to increase employment, entrepreneurship and training for Muslim youth.
  2. Civic Participation and Inclusion, which will look at identifying ways to enhance the civic participation of Muslim youth in the democratic life of the municipality, province and country.
  3. Struggle against Islamophobia and Its Consequences, which will explore ways to counter discrimination, hate crimes and related challenges.

Among the featured panelists will be: Ms. Kathleen Weil, Minister of Immigration, Inclusion and Diversity; Ms. Nathalie Bondil, Director and Chief Curator of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Mr. Jean-Daniel Lafond; Co-Chair and Executive Director of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation; Mr. Monsef Derraji, President and Executive director of the Confederation of Youth Boards of Trade of Quebec; Ms. Hanadi Saad, Coordinator of Justice Femmes; Mr. Haroun Bouazzi, Co-Chair of l’Association des Musulmans et des Arabes pour la laïcité; Ms Denise Helly, Professor and Researcher at INRS; and Ms. Bochra Manaï, instructor at the University of Ottawa and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Montreal.     

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