We use our arts for collective impact model to empower underserved youth to transform lives and revitalize  communities in Canada.

Over the last five years, more than 200,000 Canadians in over 200 communities have been involved in our programming.

How We Deliver Impact

Use Arts for Dialogue

We commission underserved youth to create artwork that address specific issues facing their communities (see our list of community goals below). Major art galleries and museums then feature the artwork in exhibitions that are used to spark public conversations.

Use Arts for Community Mobilization

We use the exhibitions to convene underserved youth, a variety of stakeholders and members of the public. During forums and strategic planning sessions, they hammer out action plans that offer creative, sustainable solutions to issues raised by the artwork.

Use Arts for Social Change

We help fund youth-driven organizations to work with their communities, over a three-year period, to implement innovative solutions outlined in the action plans, through reinforcing activities and shared monitoring.

Integrate Refugees

Donation : / $1,000,000

Challenge Exclusion

Donation : / $1,000,000

Enhance Justice

Donation : / $1,000,000

Fight Hunger

Donation : / $1,000,000

Empower Black Communities

Donation : / $1,000,000

Curb Homelessness

Donation : / $1,000,000

Advance Health Research

Donation : / $1,000,000

Ignite Social Innovation

Donation : /

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