Jacqueline Desmarais (1928-2018)

News of the passing of Jacqueline Desmarais was received with great sadness at the Michaëlle Jean Foundation. She shared our commitment to the arts, to culture, to young people. To us, she was not only a philanthropist, but a true ally. Among the many talents she supported, see how many are now leading artists on the international stage. See how many festivals she once helped are now thriving. Jacqueline, who dreamed of singing as a career, allowed others to experience the dream and to surpass themselves.

We also want to honour her charitable dedication to the Sainte-Justine hospital, along with the philanthropic endeavours she and her husband, the late Paul Desmarais, conducted to endow universities, including the University of Ottawa, providing them with modern infrastructures.

Jean-Daniel Lafond, Michaëlle Jean and their daughter Marie-Éden, along with the team at the Michaëlle Jean Foundation extend our sincere condolences to Paul Jr., André, Louise, and Sophie, as well as to all grieving members of the Jacqueline and Paul Desmarais family, loved ones and friends.

Power of the Arts National Forum 2018: The Arts as Tools for Peace

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The Michaëlle Jean Foundation and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts invite you to the 2018 edition of the Power of the Arts National Forum 2018: “The Arts as Tools for Peace”, slated for February 16 to 18, 2018.

The Forum is bringing together representatives from sectors as varied as health, law, social services, policymaking, business, culture, urban planning and community engagement, as part of a national movement leveraging the power of the arts to improve quality of life, social cohesion and Peace.

Punctuated by dynamic cultural performances, workshops, thematic debates and plenary sessions, the Forum, bilingual and open to the general public, will see a roster of Canadian and international presenters and performers.

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Watch the National Black Canadians Summit Live

On December 4 (7 pm – 9:30 pm), December 5, (9 am – 6 pm), and December 6, 2017 (9 am – 6 pm), in Toronto, Canada will mark the International Decade for People of African Descent with the National Black Canadians Summit: a convergence of 400 people of African descent and stakeholders. With three days of high-energy keynotes, cultural performances, and strategic planning sessions for social change, the groundbreaking event will draw from decades of Black community organizing and awareness raising to serve as a springboard to accelerate collaboration around an inclusive Black Canadian agenda, grounded in an anti-oppression perspective. To Watch the Summit Live. For more information.

The Art of Inclusion: Digital Art Exhibition at Nuit Blanche Toronto

[Woman and Art, 2015. Photo: Ryan Singh]

See The Art of Inclusion Digital Art Exhibition at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, from sunset to sunrise this Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Experience the magic of the Art of Inclusion, which unlocks the unique cinematographic perspectives of 14 budding Muslim Canadian filmmakers. Aged 15-30, each creator brings to Nuit Blanche Toronto their individual take on inclusion in the age of rising xenophobia. Each piece opens a deeply personal window into the complexities of identity through an existential meditation on diversity that inspires hope in a world fractured by the forces of hate, terror and division.

With the theme “Combating Hate, Advancing Inclusion”, the projection invites each visitor to use the long-focus of humanism and societal responsibility and to cast out clichés hindering the progress of inclusion across all communities in Canada.

Led by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, the Vancouver Foundation, the Silk Road Institute & National Council for Canadian Muslims, the project is supported by a number of organizations across Canada, including the Edmonton, Winnipeg and Oakville community foundations, and Nuit Blanche Toronto.


[Project Details : Nuit Blanche Toronto]