Michaëlle Jean Foundation and CFPC Announce “Power of the Arts Family Medicine Fellowship”

(OTTAWA, November 9, 2014)—The Michaëlle Jean Foundation and the Research and Education Foundation of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) are pleased to introduce the new Power of the Arts Family Medicine Fellowship. Offering approximately $60,000 over a three-year period, the Fellowship will enable family medicine researchers to study how the arts may be used in primary care to promote health and wellbeing in communities across Canada, and particularly among marginalized populations.

The Michaëlle Jean Foundation Co-Chairs and Co-Founders, the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean and Monsieur Jean-Daniel Lafond affirm, “Grassroots organizations and health service providers, working hand-in-hand across Canada are proving that the arts are indispensable in promoting healing, healthy living, and wellbeing among individuals and communities, particularly those confronted by social and economic duress. The Fellowship will provide an additional tool enabling researchers to test, demonstrate, and refine the ways in which arts-based interventions can benefit those in need .”

“Canadian health research has only recently begun examining how the arts can make a positive difference to those whose mental and physical health is impacted by social determinants of health: income, education, housing, employment and working conditions, and access to good food and health care,” says Dr. Kathy Lawrence, CFPC President. “The CFPC is dedicated to being socially accountable and is therefore very excited to support this new Fellowship. It is an opportunity to engage more family physicians across Canada as well as the patients and communities that they serve, and to meet the health care needs of all Canadians.”

The Fellowship announcement comes on the heels of the second annual Power of the Arts National Forum: Acting Now for Social Change, co-organized by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation and Carleton University. Participants from across Canada called for funding to develop, test and evaluate arts-based health interventions and program models which can then be refined and replicated nationally.

There will be an annual call for applications starting in early 2015. Award recipients will be selected by a jury composed of representatives of the CFPC’s Honours and Awards Committee and FMJF.

To be eligible for Foundation funding, proposals must have:
• At least one CFPC family physician member in the research team, and
• No identified potential conflict of interest.

About the Michaëlle Jean Foundation
The Michaëlle Jean Foundation supports youth arts initiatives that transform young lives and revitalize underserved communities across Canada. Through its programs, underprivileged youth are using their creativity to build new solutions to pressing social issues, like poverty, social exclusion and mental health. In so doing, they are catalyzing innovative community renewal projects, driving Aboriginal cultural resurgence, and kick-starting cutting-edge business ventures, all over the country. For more info: www.fmjf.ca.

About the College of Family Physicians of Canada
The CFPC represents more than 31,000 members across the country. It is the professional organization responsible for establishing standards for the training and certification of family physicians. The CFPC reviews and accredits continuing professional development programs and materials that enable family physicians to meet certification and licencing requirements and lifelong learning interests. It also accredits postgraduate family medicine training in Canada’s 17 medical schools. The College provides quality services, supports family medicine teaching and research, and advocates on behalf of family physicians and the specialty of family medicine. For more info: www.cfpc.ca.

About The Research and Education Foundation
Serving the future of family medicine in Canada, the Research and Education Foundation (REF) of the CFPC was established in 1994.The REF funds numerous research grants, scholarships, and awards recognizing clinicians, teachers, researchers, residents and medical students. These awards have significant impact on patient care in communities across Canada. The REF is the only charitable organization in Canada dedicated solely to supporting the research and education initiatives carried out by family doctors on behalf of their patients. For more info: www.cfpc.ca/About_REF/


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