Collective Impact

Our unique arts for collective impact model empowers young people from underserved backgrounds to use their creativity to drive sustainable solutions that transform lives and revitalize their communities. As part of our 4th Wall: Make the Invisible Visible initiative, we commission emerging artists from disadvantaged backgrounds to create exhibitions featured in major art galleries and museums. The exhibitions are then used as platforms by undeserved youth leverage to mobilize stakeholders and the broader public to build action plan that offer solutions to issues raised in the exhibitions. As part of our Youth Community Action initiative, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation supports youth-driven organizations, over a three-year period, as they implement the community-driven action plans. These plans are designed and implemented collaboratively by and for youth working with artists, government representatives, business leaders, academia, law enforcement, health and social service agencies, legal experts, neighbourhood associations and more.

Our Impact Priorities

Integrate Refugees

Integrating Refugees

Challenge Exclusion & Extremism

Enhance Justice

Enhancing Justice

Empower Black Communities

Empowering Black Communities

Curb Homelessness

Curbing Homelessness

Fight Hunger

Fighting Hunger