Power of the Arts in Family Medicine Fellowship

The Power of the Arts in Family Medicine Fellowship supports individuals or teams who are engaged in research related to the inclusion of arts in family practice, at the individual or community level, as a means to foster social inclusion, recovery, health and well-being. A requirement would be that at least one CFPC family physician mPower of the Arts Family Medicine Fellowhipember be part of the team. The results of the research will benefit Canadian communities by improving the quality of life through the arts and the discipline of family medicine by evidence-based support of using art as a health and wellness initiative.

Application Process

Application forms are available online at http://www.cfpc.ca/ProjectAssets/Templates/Series.aspx?id=7520&terms=arts and must reach the CFPC national office by February 1, 2017. Applications will be evaluated based on the criteria determined for this award, based on the CFPC REF Guidelines for Research Proposals :

  • The research must be related to the inclusion of arts in family practice;
  • The objectives of the research must impact social inclusion, recovery, health and well-being;
  • The outcomes must benefit Canadian communities;
  • The primary investigator or a co-investigator must be a CFPC family physician member; and
  • Each question on the application must be completed in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


This award is made possible in collaboration with the Michaëlle Jean Foundation and the Research and Education Foundation (REF) of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

There is a need for research into how the arts can be used in primary health care to achieve the aim of a healthier Canada. Whereas anecdotal evidence abounds relating to the arts as an instrument of social rehabilitation among marginalized populations, research on the effect of the arts on mental and physical health is in its infancy in Canada. Yet, the proliferation of research and even peer review journals, such as the International Journal of Creative Arts in interdisciplinary Practice, in the US, the UK and elsewhere in Western Europe, highlight the extent to which arts in health has become an area of serious clinical focus in preventative interventions, health, recovery and well-being. Family physicians in Canada can therefore play a key role in using art as a natural approach to health with a strong focus on wellness.

Research on the arts as a tool for social inclusion, and innovation, for building healthy communities and for strengthening active citizenship, is key to developing, testing and evaluating new initiatives and program models, which can then be refined and replicated nationally. The arts can affect the prevalence and impact of social determinants of health.

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