4th Wall Exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

In collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the FRO Foundation, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation is presenting, free of charge, as part of Black History Month, the educational exhibition The 4th Wall: Making the Invisible Visible, consisting of works by eight young artists selected from the Black communities of Montreal. Hakeem Hicks, Tanisha Mapp, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, DARE 2, Lamin Magnus, Mohamed Thiam, Ma’liCiouZ and Pierre Zaly Heloe revisited several works of their own choosing from the MMFA’s permanent collection of Quebec and Canadian art and created original pieces inspired by the works. Influenced by Valérie Blass, Michael Snow, Louis Archambault, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté and Jean-Paul Riopelle among others, they confront clichés, challenge received ideas, denounce racial discrimination in cities, examine the construction and depiction of identities, women’s rights and intercultural relations, and remind us of the universal values of justice, beauty, liberty, spirituality and the march of history, promoting the ideal of a harmonious society liberated from the shackles of inequality and injustice.

photo credit: Kevin Calixte

photo credit: Kevin Calixte

“ 4th Wall is a programme that offers young artists the opportunity to make visible the invisible realities with which they are confronted in our society.  At the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts young people from Black communities have done this by reinterpreting artworks that are deeply rooted in the heritage of Quebec and of Canada. The result is fascinating and challenges us all”, say the Right Michaëlle Jean and Jean-Daniel Lafond, co-founders and co-presidents of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation.

Nathalie Bondil, the MMFA’s director and chief curator, adds: “Montreal is a world city, a crossroads for encounters… not a mosaic of ghettos. Cultural diversity is inseparable from the Montreal identity. It is in this spirit that the Museum is collaborating with the

Michaëlle Jean Foundation to present this exhibition featuring young artists from our Black community. We wish to affirm the Museum’s social mandate, our determination to approach all Montrealers to foster dialogue and mutual understanding through art.”

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