Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt

Paula Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt is from Baker Lake, Nunavut. Raised by her mother and grandmother, she was taught Inuktitut before English, allowing her to be raised with more traditional Inuit values. She lived in Baker Lake until she began her post-secondary studies.

Before university, she attended Nunavut Sivuniksavut in Ottawa, where her love for her Inuit culture and heritage became prominent. Not having learned the history of Inuit until Nunavut Sivunisavut, she began her interest in allowing for that history to be known. To then, she attended Concordia University, where she learned that she could best tell the Inuit story through creative writing.

Recently, she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Creative Writing. She has published a children’s book entitled, The Legend of Lightning and Thunder. Over the years, she has been involved in many activities and projects relating to youth such as the Baker Lake Against Suicide Team, the Embrace Life Suicide Prevention walk, teaching throat singing to elementary school youth, as well as the Activate North program with Motivate Canada.

She is currently residing in Baker Lake, where she is working on a youth creative storytelling project with her friend, also from Baker Lake, Emma Kreuger. The two are working to introduce a positive outlet in different art forms where youth can tell their own stories.

For her bursary, Paula will establish a mentorship program in her community, connecting Inuit elders with youth, to empower youth to use traditional forms of creative storytelling to build bridges between the generations and to promote pride and understanding in Inuit traditions and culture.


Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor Amanda “Amiga” Taylor believes firmly in the power of creative expression as a means to understand the self and the world around her. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television Arts (RTA) at the Ryerson University, she pursued her master’s studies in Media Production.

During her studies, Amiga worked in the arts sector in the capacity of project management, workshop facilitation, performance, writing, and multi-media producing. These projects landed her features in SWAY Magazine (2008/2010) as a young entrepreneur in the creative industries, on MTV Canada (2010) for her work on “Poetic Fashion” Youth Arts Showcase as its Executive Producer and ‘CBC News’ as an aspiring Black Canadian (2014).

Amiga has produced two documentaries for CBC Radio (99.1FM) entitled “Nostalgia” and “Blue Sapphire”; (2008/2009),” produced/co-hosted and technical directed a radio program “IN THA RED” on CKLN 88.1FM (2010.) and recently co-produced an award-winning video for the Yeates Graduate School Video Competition (2013).
As the former Editor-In-Chief/Project Manager of both Yo’ Mama and Solace Magazines (2007-2010) and Co-Convener of the “Phoenix Classic Anti-Gun Violence” and “Phoenix Undercard” Anti-Bullying” basketball tournaments Amiga has worked effortlessly to inspire those individuals passionate of social reform and positive changes in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years Amiga has won numerous awards for her outstanding academic accomplishments including the Aditya Jha Graduate Award in Media Production (2014), The Children’s Aid Foundation ‘Grammie Project’ Award (2008-2011 & 2013) and the Nationwide ‘Rogers Media Broadcasting’ Scholarship (2012).
Amiga is currently a Teaching Assistant for the Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media and facilitates guest lectures on the racialization in the media industries. She is enthusiastic about using her skills to further develop “4Reasonz” (4Reasonz.com), a youth lead not for profit community group in which she founded in 2010. She committed to maintaining a community that respects the diversity of Canada’s multi-racial and multi-cultural society, while encouraging its members to live, work and learn together in a spirit of fellowship and mutual support. Amiga’s bursary project will use a variety of artistic disciplines, including documentary film, to give a voice to experiences and ideas of racialized youth in the Greater Toronto Area.


Jack VolpeJack Volpe

Born Deaf and raised in a hearing family, Jack hails from the beautiful city of Montreal, where culture is diverse and identity conflicts are commonplace. Jack Volpe: an aficionado of film, acting and storytelling. Jack is a founding member and the only Deaf executive of a theatre organization called Seeing Voices Montreal. He is a playwright and a director who adapts popular fairy tales into stage plays with a Deaf-culture twist.

Jack inspired many individuals, Deaf and hearing, though his determination to combine two very different worlds in a daring theatrical debut in March 2014. His innovative idea, of working with four different kinds of actors on stage, was to show complete and comprehensive communication from the actors to the audience. Jack’s motivation to bring Seeing Voices Montreal to greater heights is one of the reasons why his play Deaf Snow White was such a success. It was presented in both Montreal and Ottawa. He encouraged the diverse cast to interact with each other using facial expressions, body gestures and American Sign Language (ASL). To easily find Jack, you can apply for an ASL class.

He currently teaches ASL Theatre, and other specifically tailored courses at McGill University and ASL 100-level courses at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre. With his bursary, Jack will use theatre as a tool to break down stereotypes against Deaf persons by providing an entertaining and judgement-free environment to expose the broader Montreal community to Deaf culture.

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