Walpole Island First Nations

Walpole Island is located off the southern extremity of the Windsor Essex Peninsula, at the mouth of the St. Clair River. It is also called Bkejwanong, Pakwis Giizhgad July 25, 2013 107Pakwis Giizhgad July 25, 2013 069Pakwis Giizhgad July 25, 2013 069Pakwis Giizhgad July 25, 2013 069meaning “where the waters divide”. It is home to approximately 2,200 Anishnaabeg, which includes Ojibwa, Potawatomi, and Odawa people of the Walpole Island First Nation.Pakwis Giizhgad July 25, 2013 069Pakwis Giizhgad July 25, 2013 069

The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) in Walpole Island, the Language Planning Task Force, and the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa have partnered to offer a Youth Community Action project in the community. Over a three-year period, the project will empower youth to work with Walpole Island First Nation to ensure the continuation of the Anishnaabe language and culture, which encompasses music, visual arts, drama, and dance.

Project objectives are to:

  • Increase pride among Walpole Island children, youth and adults in the Anishnaabe language and culture.
  • Promote transferable knowledge and expertise in teaching and using the language among children, youth, and adults in the community.
  • Develop the capacity among young people in Walpole Island to effect social change, particularly as it relates to sustaining language and culture.
  • Encourage intergenerational connections and support within the community


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