Street-Involved Youth Showcased in Quebec City

As part of its exhibition series, the 4th Wall : Make the Invisible Visible, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, in partnership with the Museum of Civilization of Quebec, La Dauphine and the Architecture School of Laval University, opened the exhibition « J’habite la ville » from September 7 to November 1, 2016. This groundbreaking exhibition highlighted the multidisciplinary work of three street-involved youth.

In this, the project offered a unique opportunity to street-involved youth from Quebec City to express themselves creatively on their often precarious realities and needs, through original artwork they completed in close collaboration with architecture students.

On September 27, 2016,  in the atrium of the Quebec Museum of Civilization, the Foundation and its partners convened the public to an open forum. There, researchers, specialists and visionaries discussed ways to enhance quality of life in the city and identify solutions to improve the lot of street-involved youth. 

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