Young Canadians Given National Platform to Raise Social Issues through the Arts

Press Release

OTTAWA—On October 27, 2011, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation (FMJF) and EQ3 launched Generation Art, a national initiative that harnesses the power of corporate social responsibility to give Canadian youth a unique platform to raise awareness about social issues through the arts and to profile their vision of a better Canadian community in public spaces, stores, and even private residences across the country.

As part of the project, young Canadians, aged 15 to 30, will be invited to submit artwork that depicts solutions to social issues of concern to them. Selected submissions will be featured on an exclusive line of EQ3 products, proceeds of which will be reinvested in FMJF youth initiatives. With its emphasis on fostering corporate social responsibility that empowers youth, Generation Art will also help participants acquire transferable artistic and entrepreneurial skills through mentorship, networking and workshop opportunities with seasoned industrial design professionals from EQ3.

“Generation Art gives young Canadians such a wonderful platform to spark a national dialogue on what a better community and a better Canada can and should look like,” said former governor general and FMJF co-President, the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean. “And I am delighted that they will be using their imagination and creativity to get their message across, because art has such a powerful way of igniting a sense of community and solidarity within a society.”

“Generation Art is a wonderful way of using creativity to build bridges between the generations,” said Foundation co-President and CEO, Jean-Daniel Lafond. “The initiative not only cultivates national awareness about the power of the arts to touch hearts and minds, but it also brings in a socially responsible company to help empower young Canadians to depict how creativity can uplift and even transform our society.”

“We at EQ3 are honoured to have this opportunity to partner with the FMJF and excited to open our doors to the many artists in our cities who have a message to share through their work,” said EQ3 President, Peter Tielmann. The vision to create a better Canada through Generation Art will make our showrooms a destination for artists who create, and a gallery for those who are searching to purchase home furnishings which carry this message of hope.

Generation Art is run jointly by FMJF and EQ3. More details about the initiative is available on the Foundation website, The submission deadline is January 10, 2012.

About the Michaëlle Jean Foundation: The Michaëlle Jean Foundation believes that the arts are powerful tools to generate dialogue and ignite a sense of community. FMJF is there for and with Canadians, specially our youth, who use the arts to take action for a better society.

About EQ3: EQ3 was established in 2001 under the direction of Peter Tielmann. Having grown up in Europe, Peter recognized the lack of modern furniture in North America. Today, EQ3 is a vertically integrated Canadian company specializing in modern living for everyday life with simple, clean and functional design. EQ3 currently has 10 locations in Canada, large-scale wholesale presence, and additional stores and studios around the world.


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